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Design Board + Sketch

So I finally got together all these clippings I’ve been finding for the past few months. Tried to make a design board and well it turned more into a design binder. No harm in too much inspiration, I think!

Plus a sketch I did the other day. Finally starting to grasp movement in clothing and shading, and so very pleased with the results! These look way more realistic now.



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Some of my favorite Banksy works. He is beyond talented!

Banksy Flower Rage




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Eeek I’ve been so busy with the holiday madeness I haven’t posted on here in far too long! Good news is I’m leaving for Tahoe in the morning and will have plenty of free time to work on gathering, inspiring, and creating while I’m there due to my ACL issue!

This is too perfect: how to always look put-together

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Puppy pen and ink

I have tried countless times to draw animals and never seem to really capture whatever it is I’m going for. So when I sat down this morning to attempt to draw a bear (have you noticed my obesssion?) and instead wound up attempting to draw one of my dogs, you can imagine how surprised I was. I feel like drawing an animal or person that you know very well is even more difficult than a random one. Something about seeing it more objectively and drawing exactly what you see as opposed to what you know to be true about the appearance.

Anywho, I was super impressed with how it turned out! Gives me hope for drawing more animals in the future 🙂


Chester drawing

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Cupcakes and bears.

In the spirit of Christmas and being sad about finding out I need knee surgery…yesterday I made vanilla cupcakes, using a recipe from my new favorite book, The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook.

They turned out splendidly, and everyone has been enjoying them. I like the frosting and “snow” crystal sprinkles on top. The perfect mix of soft and crunchy! I wanted to put some cute cupcake toppers on them like the picture shows in the cookbook, but was too cheap to go to Michaels and get some…..slash didn’t want to stand in line for 45 minutes with 500 frumpy ladies buying Christmas decorations because that’s not my idea of a good time.

So I decided to make a teddy bear cupcake topper instead. I used marzipan, but piped white frosting onto his hat and mittens since marzipan is a little too beige. My hands were dyed bright red for the past 24 hours, but it was totally worth it!!

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