So easy to make if you have a sandwich press. And so delicious. I have a theory that you can literally put anything in the sandwich press as long as it involves cheese and it will come out a masterpiece. Which is why yesterday, when I was sitting at home trying to study and suddenly realized how hungry I was, I threw in a few ingredients remaining from the night before, and out came a fantastic lunch.



Goat cheese

Monterey jack


Sundried tomatoes

Ranch dressing

Olive bread


So like I said, this was super easy but I’ll run through the quick steps anyways. I sauteed the spinach for a minute or two in a pan with olive oil. I used olive bread for my panini since we had it in the house and…I mean come on olive bread is amazing. Put the cheeses on one side, ranch on the other. that the spinach and sundried tomatoes in between. Threw it in the sandwich maker for 5 minutes or so, until the top was golden and the cheese was melted.

And nom.


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